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Alex Iles - Designer - Artist - Musician - Robot Creator

Alex Iles was born in 1960. Alex currently lives in Austin, Texas. Before that, Alex lived in Manhattan, KS from 1985 to 1991. After that Alex moved to Austin, Texas in 1991.
Alex Iles: Electronics and control designer, systems architect, envelope design and construction.
Alex was a founding member of The Robot Group, and served as president for 10 years. Alex has a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is currently employed by Tracking Point and Ad Infinitum.
Alex was very instrumental in the computer control systems of many of The Robot Group projects. His contributions have been invaluable to the exhibit controller board, the blimps as well as the Big Rock Robotic Tower. This robot is fitted with an exhibit controller board that operate a series of hobby servo motors that move the lips, eyeballs and neck areas. A sound synthesizer provides the computer voice simulated speech that bring the Babbling Robot Head to life. Alex Iles was very instrumental in developing and programming the exhibit controller for this piece. Alex has a vision for a perpetual motion kinetic sculpture that would construct and de-construct itself.

Alex is an accomplished musician as well. His background includes classical piano and violin and has been playing in bands since he was 14. Which includes (in order):
Fooles, Adjuster Fusion, Oh Man Yeah, Combo Yo Mambo, Magnanimous Cocksuckers,  Manic Flagellants, the Soviets, Formless Unknowable, and Bicycle Day.

Senior Engineer
Tracking Point
February 2011 – Present Austin, Texas Area
Sensors, FPGAs, Embedded Programming, Model-Based Design
Sole Proprietor
Ad Infinitum Music
September 2006 – Present
Manufacturing of Electronic Musical Instruments and Accessories
The Robot Group, Inc
August 1988 – Present
President from inception through 1995
Independent Engineering Consultant
Evermore Systems
January 2010 – February 2011 Austin, Texas Area
Sensors, FPGAs, Embedded Programming

Member Technical Staff
Zarlink Semiconductor
July 2006 – February 2009
Emulation/Validation mixed signal telecom
Senior Circuit Designer
North Shore Circuit Design, LLP
May 1997 – July 2006
Electronics Consulation

Senior Staff Scientist
Motorola Semiconductor
1988 – 1997
Systems Analyst
Computer & Information Sciences, Inc
1986 – 1988

Kansas State University
1982 – 1985
Graduate Studies in EE, 1986-1987

Honors & Awards
US Patents:
5,548,794 Data processor and method for providing show cycles on a fast multiplexed bus
5,574,894 Integrated circuit data processor which provides external sensibility of internal signals during reset
5,813,043 Method and system including memory patching utilizing a transmission control signal and circuit
7,366,803 Integrated circuit for buffering data by removing idle blocks to create a modified data stream when memory device is not near empty